Monday, April 19, 2010

~ Revival ~


Like a breath of wind through sturdy trees
With the power to bend, but not break
Like the current of a green stream
That can smooth a stone but not crush a tadpole
Revival comes upon us all
The call, the voice, the urge
To change, to grow, to strengthen
To pursue with greater passion
To run with longer strides
Eyes bared to see the world as it is
Not as we wish it was
Like fingers of lightning touching the soul
Revival comes in a moment

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A New Beggining

Well, I fear every time I write a new post I am apologizing again for not having done one in quite a while. So, I have decidedly chosen NOT to apologize since I have been one very busy woman! To give you a bit of an up-date: I recently got a full time job which would be why my writing went from a few poems/story lines a week to just about nil. But I have made up my mind that I do not want to leave writing all together, and since I know that I need loads and years of more practice - the best time to start would be now!

Here is a poem hot off my Word program written exactly two minutes ago. It's a very dramatic poem basically about my poor wee clover plant that recently started to die. Thankfully I put it in a newer and bigger pot today and am hoping that all will be well and I shall see more green clovers soon. On that note - Here is "Withered" (a word I do quite enjoy, don't you?)


Once so full of life, now you break apart in my hands
Crumbling into fragments of what you were
Translucent and pale, without the green blood of life in your cheeks
Crinkling when I reach my fingers to caress your white skin
My heart breaks for the lost glory of your full beauty
Has death claimed the final victory over you?
From my hands I pour life water into your dry mouth
Hold onto it with all that you have
Lifting you, I take you from your confined prison – placing you in a seat of healing
Is that a spark of life I see? Or just a glimpse of what used to be?

This picture above is of my little clover plant in its infancy. But now it has out grown my red coffee cup and I had to go and buy it a larger pot. Hopefully it will survive!