Sunday, January 31, 2010

~ Only an Irishman Will Do ~

I feel utterly horrid for not posting anything for the past...uh...month! I'm afraid that I have been quite busy trying to find a job lately. After graduating college it seems that the next thing expected of you is to either marry or to find a full time job. I have chosen the later. This means that I have not had much time to write, although a week or so ago I had a funny thought for a poem/song (although I fear it is not song worthy) and I quickly typed it out. I feel that the first three stanzas are the best, I seem to have 'lost' it after that. But it was only done for fun in honor of my Irish lovin' friends. So here it is! Be kind, it was only done as a light little rhyme with no real purpose.

~ Only an Irishman Will Do ~

Only an Irishman will do
With sparkling eyes and a heart so true
I say no to all the others
Useless, useless lovers
‘Cause only an Irishman will do!

With heart as stout as his drink
And always ready with a wink
Hair as blonde as the barley waves
Or as deeply dark as the moorland caves
I care not, only be him an Irishman!

Blood as green as the ocean coast
And wit as quick as he can boast
As stubborn as the day is long
Firm arms to wrap me where I belong
Safe with my Irishman!

Eyes that shine with flecks of gold
Or glitter with the green and blue of old
Freckles across his nose
A crooked mouth from which flows
Only an Irishman’s lilt!

A swagger filled with daring
A fellow who is bravely kilt wearing
Always kind and sharing
Is my Irishman!

Lines from smiles worn on his face
That my fingers can gladly trace
Broad shoulders to carry a load
Whether it is my hand or heart that I bestow
For only an Irishman will do!