Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Wee Bit More (Jack's Story Continues)

Hello All!

I have a wee bit more from the Jack story and thought that I'd get it out there and hear your thoughts! As always, I've been too busy to completely edit it, so take it with a grain of salt, and the knowledge that it will be edited and built on at a later date...


Jack just laughed at the brother's comments, it was all good natured fun.

"So, how's the tour business going?" Asked Jack.

"Oh, you know, always a steady steam of 'em." Brian answered.

"Although business could be better," Ian ran a hand over his face. He suddenly seemed very tired, "With the economy as it is, the last thing people are doing is taking guided tours of Ireland with a couple of blokes like us. We don't even have the accent!"

Brian sighed, "Yeah, it's not what it used to be."

"But you guys are doing ok, right? I mean, you let me know if money gets tight." Jack was worried about the brothers; it wasn't like the Browne boys to be down cast. Optimism was always near with them. The were naturally a happy go lucky pair.
"No way, Man." Ian immediately protested, "There is no way we would ever take money from you. Besides, business is just down. It's not like were poor or settling for scraps yet." And the cocky grin that Jack knew so well settled on Ian's face once more.
"If you're sure." Said Jack with a shrug.
"We are." Ian asserted.
Ian let out a sigh and then looked from his brother next to him to Jack on the other side of the booth. "How 'bout I order a round of the black stuff, eh? I feel like some Guinness right about now."
Brian grinned, "You know I never pass say no to that! As long as you're paying, Bro."
Ian turned to Jack, "How about you?"
"Do you even have to ask? It's like you don't even know me!" Scoffed Jack with a chuckle.
"Alrighty then!" And Ian was off to get the drinks pulled.
After Ian had left, Brian turned to Jack, "He's trying hard not to let it, but this slow time is really getting to him. He stays up all night trying to get the numbers to work. I'm starting to worry about him." Brian began rubbing his gottee, a habit of his when thinking hard over something.
"You know I was a business major back in college," Said Jack, "Why don't you boys let me look it over?"
"Seriously?" Brian's grey eyes lit up, "I mean, I'd hate to ask it of you, but-"
"No, it's really no problem." Jack quickly replied, "I had mine as well use all that learning my dad made me get."
"Man," Said Ian as he came back from the bar, "They take long enough to pull the darn stuff!"
As Ian set the tall frothing drinks on the table, he looked back at the bar. Leaning back, Jack sought to see what had caught Ian's attention. He was just in time to see the pretty young barmaid wink in their direction and Ian nod toward her. Jack chuckled.
"So, that's why you wanted a sip of the black stuff, eh Ian?"
"What?" Ian exclaimed innocently, "I have no idea what you're talking about, mate."
Brian laughed loudly as he reached for his drink, "You always were the transparent one, old boy."
"Oh, leave off it, Brian." Ian said as his color rose in his face.
And that's about it for now! I've got a bit more up my sleeve, but we'll just have to wait till I have more time to write! Let me know what'cha think!
~Aithne Someris~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jack's Saga Continues...

While working at the library this week, a whole new side of the story I had planned came to me (or characters, you could say). I ended up changing a lot of what I had originally planned - here's a rough draft of the start:


Jack pushed open the door to the Tripp In Pub, walking from pouring rain to a warm, yellow lit room lined with booths and stools at the bar. Shaking the rain from his dark unruly hair, he shuffled to a booth in a shadowy back corner. Rain continued to fall heavily on the city streets outside. Shrugging off his soaked rain coat, he hung it on the rack attached to his booth. Folding his tall frame into the seat, he watched the door of the pub expectantly.

Brian and Ian Browne were to meet Jack at 3:15 exactly. Jack glanced at his watch; 3:10. He had five minutes to himself. Reaching into his back pocket, Jack pulled out a paperback book; something he always kept on him. It was common knowledge by all who knew him well that Jack was never without a book. Today his pocket yielded Stephen Lawhead's "Song of Albion" book two. He settled himself in the booth and ordered a black coffee while he waited for his mates.

Ian was the first to burst into the fairly deserted pub. Brian was not far behind as the two loud American brothers made their way to Jack's booth, complaining all the while over the amount of rain in this soggy country.

"Hey! Jack, my man, how are ya doin'?" Exclaimed Ian exuberantly as he slapped Jack on the back and proceeded to sit down.

"Hey Boyo! How's it going?" Brian said just as loudly.
"I'm good. I'm good." Jack said with a nod and a smile.

The two brothers were his best friends here in this foreign land. They had met at a youth hostel in Dublin over a year ago. And upon learning that not only were they all American, but also had Wisconsin in common, an immediate bond had been forged. The two Browne brothers were big, loud, and a bit on the rough and tumble side. But most definitely the kind of men and mates you always wanted by your side in a tough place. Although Jack was more of the intellectual type, they had hit it off not two minutes after meeting each other.

"So," Began Brian after they had all ordered some fish and chips, "How's that fancy paper you're writing coming along?"

"Slowly, I'm afraid." Jack answered with a sigh.

The paper in question was Jack's Master's degree thesis. Two years ago, Jack had gotten his BA in business, only to realize that he had no idea what he wanted to do. All those years of planning for college had paid off. Only to leave Jack standing there with all goals met, but nothing planned for the future. Everything had ground to a halt at graduation. Jack had a BA in business, but utterly no passion to go into that field. Brian Matthews, Jack's father, had persuaded Jack in the direction of business, and Jack had complied. Although Jack's real passion was history and folklore, he had put it all aside to follow his father's wishes.

With business diploma in hand, Jack had breathed out a sigh of relief. He was free. But he could feel a weight fall onto his shoulders; now that he was a free man, what was he to do? Plunge into the business world? Or return to where his true passion, history and folklore, waited for him?
Jack had struggled much that summer. The question of what came next hanging over him like a dark could ready to burst. But the weight was lifted after Jack spent short a time in solitude. He went out camping, and for two days and nights, he kept to solitude, fasting, and prayer. During this time, one picture was laid heavily on his mind: a rich green landscape with rolling hills and coastline in the near distance. And one word was echoing in his head every time he saw this: Erin, the true name of Ireland. And so Jack had an answer.

Which brings us to the present day. Jack had come to Ireland and began a Master's degree program for an Irish history and folklore major. He loved it and worked hard for every A he gained, earning him a wonderful reputation with each and every professor.

But Jack was nearing the end now. After the thesis was complete, the college would hand him a master's degree in Irish folklore and history. The question now was what to do with it.

"What's holding you up? I thought this paper was the epitome of your study for the past two years." Brian inquired as he picked up a couple of fries off his plate.

"I don't really know," Jack said as he drained the last of his coffee, "I chose such a broad topic, "Faeries and Their Relationship with the People of Ireland", but I'm really getting no where with it."

"Well, what did you expect with the fair folk?" Laughed Ian.

"I know they don't like to be spoken of, but do they hold the same policy for being written about?"

"Who knows with the fey folk." Brian answered with a grin.

Brian and Ian were always teasing Jack about his fascination with mythological beings. They both thought him just a bit daft. Or queer, as their mum liked to call it. But all in all the three young men got along quite well together. As fellow strangers in a strange land, their bond was solid.
This is, as I've said before, a rough draft with much more to come. I can already see editing that needs to be done... but that could take a lot longer than I have today! I hoped you enjoyed this start of the journey, and comments would be most welcome!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

~The Time Between Times~

This poem was my first attempt at free verse. With Kevin Kern playing in the background, this is what flowed from the pen....
Fleeting ever, Lost in heather
Where can it be, No one to see
Faeries dance, Make romance
Emeralds sparkle, While faeries chuckle
Little ones sleep, While stars wink
Faeries twirling, Moon whirling
Flowers sigh, As changelings go by
Willow bends, As time suspends
Summer air weaves, As faeries dance in the leaves
The High King proceeds, As he walks through the trees
Moon beams splay, On the delicate array
Tinkling of glasses, And the swooshing of classes
Tender sighs, Love lullabies
Slim reeds, Dance in the breeze
Time stands still, For good or for ill
Where can it be, No one to see
Flower decorations, For clothing creations
Starlight, Keeps faeries alight
Graceful sways, Moonlight obeys
Feathers wave, Faeries parade
Rolling hills, Over heather spills
Faeries glow with light, High King takes delight
Wings flutter, voices meld like butter
Music rises, No compromises
The High King's procession, To make a decision
Wife to be, Who will it be
Breath catches, Neck stretches
The High King splendidly arrayed, For this midnight parade
Searches the crowd, All bowed
White gold glitters, Catches eye to shimmer
Air is still, For good or for ill
Eyes meet, Acknowledge and greet
The King has found his bride, Faerie realm now to survive
Outstretched hand, Unspoken demand
She places hers in his, For true love this is
Faeries to rejoice, For she has made her choice
The King smiles at his beloved, She smiles - oh, how she loves it!
Royal blue eyes meet palest of green, sparks fly in between
For a year and a day, The celebration will be under way
Love and laughter reign, Till spring is here again
A wedding to proclaim, One to take a name
Say the vows, Turn to greet the bows
Light hearts all, Even the small
Forever and a day, They will stay

Jack's Saga (so far)

This is a story I have been working on for the past month. I'm not yet sure what to call it, but I'm sure a name will come to me soon...


As Jack walked through the drenching torrents of rain, he marveled anew at the city that was Dublin. It had changed drastically in just the past 5 years. He passed a Starbucks on his left. That never would have been there just a short while ago. Jack smiled to himself at just how quickly Ireland had transformed itself. For hundreds upon hundreds of years conquering foreigners had sought out the isle of Saints and Scholars. Destroying any and all chance of wealth and hope for the native people. Eventually, all the misty island knew was poverty and hunger. Up until recently that was all the common Irishman expected out of life. But something miraculous happened in the last hundred years: Ireland threw off the heavy yoke of the English rule. Soon the Irish were able to build a thriving economy, and the people quickly grasped at the wealth that their island held. So that today, Ireland has one of the healthiest economies in the world. The Celtic Tiger was on the rise. And yet, chuckled Jack, they still had the mind set of a poverty stricken people. Many Irishman were quite rich indeed, but went around as if they had nothing but a Euro to their name. But through it all, Ireland strove to be like its neighbors. Throwing itself headlong into becoming just like America, France, and yes, even England. So that today many tourists come to Ireland for the sheep, rolling hills, and lilting accent only to find a McDonald's and Starbucks on every corner. Many are quite devastated to find Ireland more of a green version of their hometown than a land filled with jolly people who all believe in the fair folk. What they don't understand is that, just like home, you can't live on sheep and pixie dust for long. To make it in this age you must rise to the times.

That's just a rough draft of the beginning. I wanted to get solid concrete footing for which Ireland this story is set in, although I've been worrying that I may have made it a bit too long. After this section the story gets going a lot faster and much more happens. When I have time, I'll be posting more!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Aithne Someris and I'm 18 years old and I will be using this blog to post my writing. I love writing anything from poems to stories. I prefer to write fantasy with a real world twist, and a strong bent towards gaelic and celtic roots - hope you enjoy it!

A bit about me: I am a home school alum, I was home schooled from ages 5-16. When I was 16 I quit High School to start college. I am currently a college senior with 102 credits. Over the years I haven't had much time to write, but in the last few months I was able to get quite a bit down on paper. I hope to post my first poem sometime today!

Please keep in mind that all of my writing is not edited as of yet, and is what I call 'raw' writing. Any grammerical issues will be cleaned up as soon as possible.I hope you enjoy what is to come - and comments are welcome! I want to know what you think!