Wednesday, November 25, 2009

~The Call of the Sea~

I see this poem as being what a retired sailor felt as he looked out over the sea from a cliff - knowing that his time was over, but still feeling the call of the sea ringing in his ears...a bit melodramatic, I know...

~The Call of the Sea~

Roaring, crashing, calling my name
I long for her, I yearn for her
Her salty aura will not leave my nose
The visage of her roiling depths engraved on my soul
My heart beats in time with her rise and fall
My gnarled hands can only feel rope
My feet cannot traverse a floor that does not shift with the wind
The suns’ rays glint off her – teasing me
“Come away with me” she calls
It pains me to see her O’ so close
Blues, greens, grays and blacks

Ever changing – as moody as a mermaid
A sailor I was and a sailor I am
My blood is tainted by the water
My skin roasted by the sun
My eyes are ever glued to the horizon
But my time has passed – I am now exiled to land
I am suffocating – slowly suffocating
This air is foul and filled with humanity
O’ to again feel the caress of a sea sigh

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I spent all day in Starbucks and Panara with nothing but pen, paper, coffee, and an iPod set on Ludovico Einaudi (AMAZING composer!). This poem is basically inspired from parts of the Bible that talk of how ones eyes are closed to Christ until He opens them for you to see His glory.

*this has not been edited and I don't think I'm finished with it....maybe a revised version will come soon*


The world is plain for all I see
Shadowed with despair is the vision I see
Sharp, cold and cruel with no majesty
Filled to the brim with tragedy

Black, brown and grey confusion
My head spins with delusion
Hope is suffocated by dark fears
My soul sits in a corner while darkness jeers

What hope is there for my veiled eyes?
Shrouded in wait for my demise
No power on Earth can bring light
No Earthly idol can grant me sight

Suddenly, a soft glow draws near
A warm voice begins to whisper in my ear
The crushing darkness slowly fades
His words leave me amazed

As His soothing voice grows louder
The darkness recedes at His power
Light begins to stream through me
The curtain is drawn back, now I see

A symphony of colors threaten to overpower
My virgin eyes with the shower
His utter grace and beauty revealed to me
My unworthy eyes are awash in a tumultuous sea

Who am I that sight is granted?
I whose sight was stranded
Upon the isle of death and darkness
My eyes only seeing starkness

An yet with a word He has given
Me the clean sight of the forgiven
The glorious vision of His love
Gives me the power to push back darkness with a shove