Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Blog Post That Was Never Written...

I get a new blog post idea at least three times a week. But do I act on them? No. Sadly I get many ideas and then never have the time to type them out. Or, I get an idea and after smiling to myself over what I would say or how I would phrase this thought when all of a sudden I just loose it – both the desire to write out that post and the imagination to do so. I have no clue as to why that is, but tonight I thought that it would be a great idea to write a blog post with ‘excerpts’ of blog posts I could have written…it’ll be like I actually wrote them out completely! Or not….

What Would You Do? So a few weeks ago I became just a wee bit addicted to this television show. The premise is half Candid Camera (anyone remember that one? Or am I too old?) and half news reporting(ish). The show will set up scenarios that all center on the general public having to make a choice of what to do. I must admit it is interesting to watch – because you sit there in your comfy house and you’ve already judged what you would do. And you wait for that one (or ten) person who will actually do what you believe is the right thing. Of course this show mainly centers on trying to get a reaction; many time the show producers will amp the tension by telling their actors to make a bigger scene…

The funny thing is – that sometimes I’m not quite sure that there should actually be a reaction. Many of the more ‘tame’ issues and scenarios are really not that big of a deal. And I do not honestly see society falling into decay over them. But that’s just me.

Venting. Yeah, it’s not pretty. But sometimes it’s needed. Ok, so that last sentence was false.  Venting our problems seems to be quite addicting and contagious. I’ve seen it first hand and how it can just tear apart an otherwise grand time with people. One minute you’re commenting on how the weather sucks and the next thing you know the person in front of you is telling you all that is REALLY wrong with the world. Like their job, their manicure, their car or their life in general. I’ve noticed one alarming trend – or affect that this can have:

The person you vent to now has a sudden urge to vent to someone else. Now, it’s not only the weather that sucks. Work is horrid too. Their nails are chipping. Their car needs work that they can’t afford. And life is just….suckish. I say all of this from experience – it happened to me only everyday this past week. After listening to people list out faults I would drive home in silence. And then give my mum the whole spiel on why life/work/car sucks right now.

Being a writer. It’s awful really. Once you’ve discovered the joy of writing down your thoughts and wistful story plans, not writing is like death. Something is just missing. And sadly this whole writing thing takes time to do; time to think it through, time to type it out, time to get the courage to post or send to an editor.

Suddenly, if you’re not writing – you feel like your entire mind is mush. Blank. Useless. And if you don’t have the time to write….

Although at times I know that I really DO have the time. It’s just being used in different ways right now. Like sleeping, reading, and zoning out after work (normally with my laptop).

*my word, reading this a few hours later I see that I am quite the over dramatic writer when the mood and coffee strike...*

Traveling the world. Why do I get such a strong sense that the few states and countries (France and the UK) are not enough for me? I can feel my feet itching so often now. Even the city seems to call to me.  Sometimes I’m not quite sure if my mother ruined me. I grew up with all of the stories from her about the many places she went to after leaving home at 17. Switzerland, Africa and Nepal are among that many countries that I can see in my mind due to the stories that have been my heritage.

She has ruined me. For now the one week vacation to Paris when I was 16 is no longer enough to satisfy my lust for the new and far away. The glips I saw of London when we went for one day is but a teasing memory.  I honestly have no idea what the travel is supposed to do for me. It’s not like I ‘need’ to go. I could probably become a fairly well rounded person if I just stay in my small town within an hour of the city….but what fun is that? Here I am at 19 a college graduate with a full time job and life is becoming a bit stagnant. I’m thinking an overseas adventure is needed…

And that’s about all from me for now.

Till the next thought takes me captive,
Aithne Someris

p.s. I never re-read this post before publishing it - forgive any typos :)