Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well, here I sit sick. I seem to have finally succumbed to the cold that my siblings had last week. So, what am I to do while my head pounds and my throat aches? Why, write of course!

I suppose we’ve known each other long enough (or not) to let you in on a little tidbit about myself:  I am quite sorry to say that I am a hopeless Enthusiast. Ok, I can see that you haven’t a clue as to what I am talking about.

To put it plainly, I am quite easily excited about new/old things that I come across and can end up seeming like an obsessive. But I’m not. I struggled with myself this year when I began to worry about my seeming ease as becoming obsessive over something I like. Do not fear for your safety! I have, as of yet, never obsessed over a person. It seems that my strong love of something leans more towards dead authors, musicians, period dramas, and books than it does actual people.  But, as I was saying, I decided to diagnose myself seeing as I knew for a fact that I was not and am not an obsessive.

I term it: an Enthusiast-Who-Takes-Action.  One interesting thing about my Enthusiasm is that it takes action (pity the person who tells me that they wish they could go to that concert….for I will find a way!). Many a pay check has been spent in buying up all of Jane Austen’s books, all of John Keats’s works, or on that stray concert I just HAD to go to.  And I will pull any and all in with me!

Yet, the saddest part about being an Enthusiast is that at some point the great excitement and enthusiasm slows down to a mere simmer. You suddenly realize that you don’t really want to live in Narnia. That the Lord of the Rings movies are NOT the best movies ever made. That Jane Austen is a dead authoress who will not rise from the grave to write one more book.  That the Phantom of the Opera was a bit of an obsessive stalker. That your life dream is not to play the guitar on street corners.

But one only thing makes an Enthusiast happy – the friends who egg us on, join us on those crazy adventures, buy those over priced concert tickets, and all in all make life as an Enthusiast-Who-Takes-Action worth it. So here’s to you my friends – I raise my glass!

With lots of craic, sniffles, and coughes,
~Aithne Someris~

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Chasm of the Future

I stand at the edge of a chasm
My steps halted by uncertainty
My eyes unable to behold the bottom
The future could be lofty
The future could blossom

But for now I stand
Stuck upon the sand
Frozen in quiet confusion
Unsure of my next step
Awaiting a sign

Two options are spread before me:
One, to build a bridge
Across this chasm of life
To the other side which holds

The second is more daring:
To leap
Into the darkness that encroaches

My eyes look down below:
Is the darkness fear?
Or is it death?
The ruining of my soul?
Or the creation of a life lived to the full?

I being to pace
The edge of this canyon
Threatens to swallow me up

I search for guidance:
A word
A sign
A picture in the sky

To leap or to build a bridge…?

(not really sure if this is done yet....)

~Blindness~ >>>------------> Expanded to video version!


I recently found the Windows Movie Maker on my computer and I've taken to playing around with it. I decided to spend the last two days trying to get my poem 'Blindness' to pictures and music, which ended up being harder than I thought! Buuuuut, this is what I got. Be nice; it's a first try!

But please, go ahead and check it out - let me know what you think....I may do another one but use different music for it. Still working on my movie making skills.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bits & Pieces

Well, here are a few scraps of poems that have never really been finished....or maybe they have and I jut don't know it yet.....


~The Future ~

Blinding in brilliance, yet full of fear
My heart beats faster as it draws near
So high to climb yet far to fall
My life is but a flicker on this celestial ball

 Before a plan was always held
Every step already decided and beheld
Now the road is gone
My feet are now frozen in the bog
My eyes veiled by heavy smog

Reluctance joins with anticipation
My journey started with hesitation
I feel bipolar in my joy


Straining against the ties that bind us here
On this celestial sphere
The divine magnet pulls us near
Pleading with us to hear

Throbbing, my soul draws to him
With luminecent face
Christ wipes away my disgrace
Bringing about from ashes - lace

With eyes unveiled, I gasp in awe
The Lord smiles at my open maw
Laid out are His wonders
Beauty and splendor without number
A thousand splendid summers


~ Good & Evil ~

Evil stirs, sure to inflict burns
A tower of light, to be seen in the night
Truth and love, all of the above
One dark lord will bring the sword
One King of Light will fight the good fight
The fight brings a clash, then a slash
The dark lord seethes, lies he flings
 Light shines forth truth, lies it will smooth
Darkness creeps forward, ever moreward
And yet Light prevailes, ever on it sails


~ The Darkness Assails Me ~

Long taloned fingers grasp my head and heart

For a moment they latch on, tearing at my soul

But He raises in my defense - throwing them from me

In righteous anger He banishes them

Turning his face to me He sooths my terror

I am secure in His arms - His hold will not fail

I tell Him all, and emotions flicker over His face

Joy, pain, laughter, hurt, pride, and sighs

"Stay ever with me" He repeats to me

"Keep my letters close to your heart" He says

"Clutch My words deep within your soul" He pleads


The rest I fear is not worth getting on here. I hope to have some more new stuff soon!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

~The Pen~

~ The Pen  ~

Scratching across the page
A best friend in the worst of times
Repeating my words and rhymes
My heart flowing from me in black lines
An instrument of my soul
Meets with paper to make music
Lyrics of my thoughts
Yet, unable to fully relay my words
To their complete meaning
I stop
My pen raised my in hand

My brow wrinkled in thought
I begin to chew the end, till
I smile again with a new thought
Scratch goes the pen once more
Again the meeting of the pen and paper
Give off satisfactory results
The words become me

And I become the words
With only the pen between us
My grip tightens and my heart expands
Before my eyes the hand and pen become one