Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Scraps

Just a few scraps of the poems written tonight:


Fall has come but Summer laughs
The warm breeze is heavy with Summer memories
And the pond smells of fish and sun
But the leaves still dance
Gold and red in the sun

*This next one was put into my head after the church sermon tonight on insecurity :)*


Most of the time I feel
Less than I should be
Less than I am
Not enough for this
Definitely not enough for that
And sometimes I feel
But rarely
Does that happen
A compliment
Might satisfy for a moment
Praise can last a day
But in the end -
Not enough
But - Always 'but'
He can give 'enough'
The Lord is always enough
And He makes me

~A Name~

a name
is such a curious

small and common
yet precious
to a select few

owned but freely given
to so very many

hidden meanings
full of
obvious traits

a name is you
but are you the name
in the end?

~Aithne Someris~


  1. Love them! - And how true the first one was 89 degrees in southern Ohio yesterday...crazy.

  2. Good poems, dear. I enjoyed reading them; especially the middle one. That one really resonates with me.
    And I just got to ask: is that pictures yours? I'd envy you for seeing such a beautiful sight in person! ;)

  3. Thanks so much ladies!

    Hannah, I do so wish I could say that that picture was witnessed and then taken by me, but I cannot :(